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Gacka d.o.o.

Bartola Kašića 5/a

53220 Otočac


tel. +385-53-771-449

fax. +385-53-665-218




Where to catch fish successfully

Angle in front and on a river eddy, and you will see what angling pleasure is…

On the Gacka river there are several eddies and depts. They are know among local population as abysees.
Let us look at them from the source of the Gacka downwards: the Ivakov vir, Kastelisce (presumably named after the world castle since it is located just below the little church of St. Francis at Lesce), the Kriva jama (upward from the mouth of the Sinacka Pucina to Gacka), the Vir- jama (on the very place where the Sinacka Pucina joins the Gacka), the Kolakov vir, the depts of the Crvena resa, the Ostoviceva jama (above the former Gacka Hotel), the pit where the Kostelka Brook joins the Gacka, the Grcicka Vir (upstream the second bridge, the first bridge after the bridge on the (Licko Lesce-Perusic road), the Vrbanac Dubine (upstream the second bridge), the Maruskiceva Jama (downstream the second bridge), the Cvitkovic vir (downstream the third bridge, 1 km), the vir-jama Satric (downstream the fourth bridge; probably the deepest part of the Gacka bed), and the Mazareva jama (downstream the fifth bridge). Many tales and legends are told of each of these eddies and pits.

( Stefanac Milan, Cico: "The River Gacka, the EuropeanQueen")

How to angle on the Gacka ?

Five anglers- six theories of angling…

- the best time of day for angling in April, May and September is from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 7 to 9 in the evening. In July and August it is from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 6 to 8 in the evening.
- The best time for angling is when the moon is full. Angking is ideal from the new moon to the first quarter. The east and west winds are unfavourable to anglin, while the south and light north winds are much more favourable.
- It is not recommended to walk on the walk on the riverbank, if not badlyneeded. It is better to wait on the spot where fish are know to feed.
- in view of the Gacka stream, one should angle in the east-west direction and on the left riverbank, particularly so if the angler is right-handed.
- Results are better when using nymph or wet flea as baits. This is to say that angling will last longer, access to fish habitats will be easier, and the bait imitation will at the same time be simpler and less complicated.

(Stefanac Milan, Cico: "The Gacka River, the European Opalscent Queen")


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