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 How to find us?



Gacka d.o.o.

Bartola Kašića 5/a

53220 Otočac


tel. +385-53-771-449

fax. +385-53-665-218





New rules in 2020.

         Zone 0 (Reservoir) is the first zone and it encompasses the upstream flow of river Gacka from the tributary of Knjapovac stream to Tonković vrilo, from the river mouth of Sinačka pučina to Majerovo vrilo, from the river mouth of Kostelka to Pećina spring and all other tributaries of river Gacka. In Zone 0 fishing is forbidden to protect the parent shoal of the brown trout.

            Zone I (Revir A) is the second zone and it encompasses the downstream flow of river Gacka from the tributary of Knjapovac stream to Tončin bridge (the third bridge). In Zone I it is allowed to fish only with a fishing fly without floats and weights. A fishing fly can have one hook with or without a counter-hook. It is forbidden to use streamers longer than 3 cm. In Zone I fishing is only done in a manner of "CATCH & RELASE" . All caught fishes have to be relased unharmed.

              Zone II (Revir B) is the third zone which encompasses the flow of river Gacka from Tončin bridge (the third bridge) to the inflow of river Gacka and river Lika in Poljica tunnel. In Zone II it is allowed to fish with fishing flies and all other artificial baits. The artificial bait can have up to two hooks at most with or without a counter-hook. Anglers are allowed to catch and keep the fish with dimensions stated below:



Brown trout 
Rainbow trout 
40 cm

Daily catch in Zone II: 1 piece of brown trout or 1 piece of rainbow trout.



Spring: 07:00 - 19:00 h

Summer: 06:00 - 21:00 h

Fall: 07:00 - 19:00 h


It is forbidden to use a diving-suit at river Gacka unless you have a written approval from Gacka d.o.o.

It is forbidden to use boats and canoes at river Gacka without an approval from Gacka d.o.o.

It is allowed to use boats, canoes, etc. from Tončin bridge (third bridge) downstream with a proper license for the purpose of doing tourist activities.

Weights and floatsare not allowed to be used in fishing with an artificial fly. Every fisherman, who doesn`t observe the regulations mentioned in this fishing licence of carries the fishing or carries the fishing-tackle forbidden in particular area, will be taken both the fish and the tackle away. He will allso not be allowed to fish in this area within a year. We must also kindly warn you to keep off the meadows as much as possible and leave your cars on the approaching roads.

It is forbidden to use natural live or dead bait (fish, worms, bugs, etc.) for fishing.

Fish wardens have the right to request a fishing licence and/or an ID from a fisherman and to inspect the tools, fishing equipment, luggage and/or the vehicle for transport.