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 How to find us?



Gacka d.o.o.

Bartola Kašića 5/a

53220 Otočac


tel. +385-53-771-449

fax. +385-53-665-218




The decision on cessation of the sale of annual fishing permits July 6th 2018

Based on the Law on Freshwater Fisheries (NN 106/01, 07/03, 174/04, 10/05, 49/05, 14/14, 130/17), The Conctract concluded between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Gacka d.o.o. Otočac for authorized fishing rights UP/1 324-07/03-01/28, UR. BROJ: 525-8-03-2 from November 17, 2003, Gacka d.o.o. for communal activities, protection and management of the river Gacka and travel agency Bartola Kašića 5a, Otočac, represented by director Slaven Prpić, makes a decision on the cessation of the sale of annual fishing permits, available at the link: The decision